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19-Jun-2007: Shuffle 1.5 for MorphOS available for purchase

Shuffle is an addictive implementation of the famous Sliding Block Puzzle, often also known as 15 Puzzle. The goal is to slide randomly arranged tiles back to their home position. A level is solved when all tiles are arranged back into correct order.

  • Many different challenges and almost 40 levels.
  • Award-winning raytracing graphics.
  • Fully animated tile sliding and shuffling.
  • Slide multiple tiles at the same time.
  • 100% multitasking friendly MUI GUI.
  • Cool sound effects (needs Reggae).
  • English and German localization.

Shuffle is available for purchase at http://www.binaryriot.org/shuffle.

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Source binaryriot
Author J. Lucas
Comments Comments: 1

12-Jun-2007: MorphOS 1.5 cancelled

Take a look here and then on the title link.

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Source [...]
Author D. Scheibler
Comments Comments: 8

12-Jun-2007: BurnIt 3.0 released!

BurnIt 3.0 has been finally released for MorphOS! You can buy it for 49.95 (including tax) at Vesalia (title link).

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Source pegasosforum.de
Author D. Scheibler
Comments Comments: 0

12-Jun-2007: Warzone 2100 for MorphOS

A MorphOS port of Warzone 2001 realtime 3D strategy game was just finished by Fabien "Fab1" Coeurjoly. The game originaly was developped by Pumpkin Studios and released by Eidos on PC in 1999 and Playstation in 2001. The source code was made available in 2004. You only need to get the following archive to play the game. Currently the audio tracks and videos are missing, audio and video playback were not yet implemented.

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Source Download Warzone 2001
Author D. Scheibler
Comments Comments: 1

12-Jun-2007: Marcik! You're the man!

If anyone of you has the chance to test the first beta of Apple's Safari for Windows please do so. After having done that remember the first public beta of Sputnik. Then visit the title link and honor Marcik's work by clicking the right button.

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Source [...]
Author D. Scheibler
Comments Comments: 1

21-May-2007: PSP SaveGameManager v2.0

A new version of my pspSaveGameMan a manager for the SaveGames of a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) with the possibility of doing backups of the SaveGames.

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Source Thomas Igracki
Author D. Scheibler
Comments Comments: 0

21-May-2007: Genesi: EFIKA motherboard at $99

Genesi is pleased to announce that the EFIKA 5200B micro-motherboard is now only $99 from the Genesi Store.

The EFIKA Open Client remains at it's original pricing available in 3 basic configurations; Node (for clustering and industrial control applications), Basic (network booting graphical client with optional Flash storage) and Plus (a full-featured disk workstation).

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Source Genesi
Author D. Scheibler
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07-May-2007: Interview with Carl Sassenrath (REBOL Technologies)

To celebrate the 1000th article of the magazine Obligement, Carl Sassenrath returns through this long interview on its origins at Amiga Inc. in the 1980\'s (Manager of AmigaOS and Amiga CDTV system development, among others), the bankruptcy of Commodore, its passages at Apple Computer and Viscorp, Amiga NG, or on its new revolutionary language REBOL. A classic name in the Silicon Valley!

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Source Obligement
Author D. Scheibler
Comments Comments: 2

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