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09-Mar-2007: Hollywood 2.5 out and Hollywood Designer 2.0 announcement

Airsoft Softwair are proud to annouce the immediate availability of Hollywood 2.5. This is a major update which brings along many new features and general improvements over Hollywood 2.0. Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features in Hollywood 2.5:

  • Hollywood has full ARexx support now
  • Create your own ARexx applications with Hollywood!
  • Completely new text engine with cool new features
  • Support for on-the-fly text formatting like HTML
  • Support for new text styles (bordered & shadowed text)
  • Scheduler completely rewritten: Now about 15% faster!
  • Graphics primitives support anti-aliasing now
  • All graphics forms can be drawn with rotation
  • New edge and shadow drawing styles
  • Support for thick lines and thick shape outlines
  • Hollywood can export graphics as PNG with alpha channel now
  • Raw alpha channel data can be accessed now
  • Support for new sound streaming formats
  • Animations with multiple palettes are now supported
  • New lightning speed gfx driver for AROS - this is as fast as it gets!
  • Full control over DOS IO modes
  • Cool new example programs
  • Standard library set encompasses almost 400 functions now!
  • Ready for Hollywood Designer 2.0!
  • Lots of other changes, optimizations and bug fixes


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Source Airsoft Softwair
Author J. Lucas
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11-Feb-2007: Robin Hood: new test version

Gunnar von Boehn has released a new test version of Robin Hood for MorphOS. The version may fix a crash bug and should run faster. As a new compiler was used the save games are no longer compatible to old versions of the game.

Please give Gunnar some feedback if the crash bug has been fixed!

Download: http://www.greyhound-data.com/gunnar/robinhood/RobinHood.bz2

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Source amiga-news.de
Author D. Scheibler
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04-Feb-2007: Robin Hood elected best AmigaOS/MorphOS game of 2006

Robin Hood The Legend Of Sherwood have won the Amiga Games Award 2006. The game from Rune Soft precede Snow Bros and Primate Plunge.

The results:
1. Robin Hood The Legend Of Sherwood
2. Snow Bros
3. Primate Plunge
4. Sudoku
5. Ri-Li
6. Daimonin
7. Globulation
8. Widelands
9. Spear Of Destiny
10. Pengupop

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Source Obligement
Author D. Scheibler
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04-Feb-2007: MorphOS: 1.5 more weeks(tm)

Check out the title link.

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Source MorphOS Team
Author D. Scheibler
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04-Feb-2007: Official Update: OpenPCI 2.1 & 10/100MB RTL8139 OpenPCI Driver v1.2

After lot of time i have finally decided to release officially latest OpenPCI stuff developed some times ago.

  • Latest stable OpenPci.library v2.1 for 68k and MorphOS
  • Latest stable Openpci RTL8139 drivers

Best Regards
Benjamin Vernoux

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Source OpenPCI
Author D. Scheibler
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31-Jan-2007: PolyGlot MSN 0.25

Author of PolyOrganizer and PolyNet NG released version 0.25 of his MSN client called PolyGlot. It supports fetching the contact list, event sounds, privacy, logging and several very useful features that were unavailable with the existing softwares for using the MSN chat network on MorphOS.

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Source Polymere
Author J. Lucas
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09-Jan-2007: ShowGirls - 0.9

Yes, it's still not 1.0, but it's getting closer. 0.9 brings more usefull functions, bug fixes and enchancements. Main changes in this release:


  • Possibility to set predefined display scaling factor using image display context menu.
  • Batch converter can use semi-inteligent scaling, adjusting dimensions to image orientation.
  • Batch converter preserves image exif data
  • Browser allows jumping to next directory from parent one if you run out of pictures in current one.
  • Inverse mode for glow effect (spread dark colors on bright ones).
  • JPEG Saver can transfer EXIF tags to new file.
  • Threshold value setup for sharpening (unsharp mask) filter.
  • Faster display refresh (only on 32bit/radeon screens).
  • Splitscreen mode for filter preview (allows to see both original and modified image).
  • Modified exposure time display in exif overlay.
  • Extended Insert Alpha tool. Possibility to copy image's alpha channel to displayed image.
  • Extended Resize tool. In border mode picture can be placed in defined position. Border can be filled using color from image edges. Remembers 5 recently used dimensions settings.
  • Possibility to remove rotation tag from JPEG's EXIF tags (file's context menu->JPEG).

  • FIXED:
  • Lossless transformations remove image rotation data stored in exif.
  • Rewrote layouting for thumbnails view. Doesn't break for lots of files (large height). Doesn't need LayGroup Custom Class anymore.
  • Changing saver configuration options or file format doesn't reset entered filename.

  • Archive can be downloaded from usual place: ShowGirls-0.9.lha

    Have fun,
    Michal 'kiero' Wozniak

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    Source Michal Wozniak
    Author J. Lucas
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    02-Jan-2007: New articles on the Obligement website

    The following articles have been added to the website of the French Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement (http://obligement.free.fr) during the last two months:

    • Amiga and MorphOS news of november/december 2006.
    • Review of Robin Hood.
    • Review of Virtual Grand Prix 2.
    • Review of PSPUAE.
    • Review of DvPlayer.
    • Review of Trigger.
    • Review of Feelin (update).
    • Point of view: Sputnik arrived.
    • Article about the story of the fanzine Amigazette.
    • Tutorial: installation and configuration of E-UAE (update).
    • Tutorial: installation and presentation of Blender.
    • Hardware: overclock the BVisionPPC and CyberVisionPPC.
    • The Amiga Quizz of november/december 2006.

    There is also a new feature in the website: translation of articles for our articles in non-French languages.

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    Source Obligement Magazine
    Author D. Scheibler
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