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04-Sep-2006: The Pegasos book V2.0 english version released

After 6 months without any releases, and a possible definitive end, the Pegasos book is finally back in V2.0.

The book is now splitted in 4 volumes: Vol 1: Introduction and release notes
Vol 2: The Pegasos
Vol 3: MorphOS
Vol 4: Linux, MacOSX and other systems

Download can be done in a zip pack or by zipped volumes on the Pegasos book's website (title link).

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Source Pegasosbook HP
Author D. Scheibler
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04-Sep-2006: New articles on Obligement

The following articles have been added to the website of the French Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement (http://obligement.free.fr) during the last two months:


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Source Obligement
Author D. Scheibler
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26-Aug-2006: Farewell Michal

With great regrets we were notified today that Michal Rybinski died yesterday in a motorbike accident. The MorphOS Team would like to express their deepest sorrow and condolences to Michal's family and friends.

Michal was a MorphOS developer and he helped a lot on past MorphOS releases.

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Source MorphOS Team
Author D. Scheibler
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20-Aug-2006: SMSPlus MorphOS v1.3 released

SMSPlus-MorphOS emulates the Sega Master System & GameGear consoles. This release has many improvments including a quick rom selector, scanline mode and smoother audio playback.

V1.3 Changes

  • added quick selection file lister
  • Added scanline mode for fullscreen and window/overlay
  • fixed audio for smoother playback
  • added volume change slider
  • optimized gfx copying a bit

Please note that my website and email have changed, SMSPlus-MorphOS can now be found using the title link!

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Source Kelly Samel
Author D. Scheibler
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15-Aug-2006: TopCPU 1.15 released

TopCPU is a small CPU monitor (MUI) with freeze/setPri/break/ option.

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Source www.Igracki.de
Author D. Scheibler
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15-Aug-2006: KHTML for MorphOS - update

Marcik announced a brief update concerning development of KHTML for MorphOS. It is said that the first public beta version is scheduled on the beginning of September but you need to be aware that the date could be as well postponed a bit until October. Marcik confirmed that parts of the code which are not covered by LGPL licence are not going to be published. MorphOS version of Sputnik will be available for free. Marcik also claims that the last version is the most stable browser he had ever used on MorphOS. More information: title link!.

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Source http://www.ppa.pl/
Author D. Scheibler
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15-Aug-2006: April 1.5 finally released!!

After a long and hard wait, it's finally here: April V1.5 now comes with russian locales and a popular blue background with eight columns!

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Source #amigazeux
Author D. Scheibler
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23-Jul-2006: Achtung, Abbrechen! April 1.3 released - Making all your patches obsolete

AmigaZeux and Stevo are happy to release yet another update of the best calendar in the whole universe.

Read More

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Source #amigazeux
Author D. Scheibler
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